Planting more trees would not only help humans but it will support the whole biodiversity. Trees help to prevent soil erosion. They also absorb different pollutants and thus make the air-water and earth cleaner . Vijaya College of Nursing organised a program on 04/02/23 to plant some plant saplings such as Jack fruit, mango, pomegranate, guava, custard apple, chikki, amla, sweet lime, lemon and papaya.Smt.B.Bharathi Reddy (Correspondent), Prof.A.Vimala (Principal), Staffs and Students were part of the event by planting the saplings in Vijaya health Centre garden.

This was a great initiative to make our atmosphere neat and clean.By tree plantation,we can develop a climax ecosystem free of green house gases to reduce global warming.The main purpose of this event was to enhance awareness about the importance of tree plantations.

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